EMAILS: NYT and WaPo Against Reporting on Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting

A series of emails from reporters at The Washington Post and The New York Times published Friday reveal they weren’t eager to cover the 2016 tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The American Center for Law and Justice, a nonprofit organization, released a series of emails obtained through a FOIA request that show the reporters at the outlets didn’t seem to want to cover the secret meeting between the former president and Lynch, as the Department of Justice was investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Matt Zapotosky, a WaPo reporter, reached out to a Department of Justice spokesperson in the hopes of “putting the story to rest.”

“Any chance one of you could give me a call for another, hopefully quick, conversation on this AG-Clinton meeting? My editors are still pretty interested in it and I’m hoping to put it to rest by answering just a few more questions about how the meeting came about-who approached who, how did they realize they were in the same place,” Zapotosky wrote in the June 2016 email.

Mark Landler, the White House correspondent for The NYT, also emailed the DOJ spokesperson to say he had been “pressed into service” by his editors to write the story, before asking for information on what Lynch and the DOJ had said about the meeting.

Lynch and Bill Clinton met on her airplane in a Phoenix airport for about 30 minutes during a time when the DOJ was launching an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information on a private email server. Lynch said the two did not discuss the investigation, but did talk about their families and golf.

The two reporters are in the wind for requests for comments, naturally.

A year later and sunlight is finally disinfecting the liberal collusion between the White House and the mainstream news media to help get Hillary elected by any means necessary and to protect Barack Obama’s involvement at all costs.

The Attorney General isn’t going to meet clandestinely with the husband of the Party’s presidential nominee just hours prior to the FBI making a decision on a criminal probe of the candidate’s mishandling  of classified data on an illegal private email server without being told to do so.

You want to talk about obstruction of justice then even the slightest speculation produces a belief that the tarmac meeting was about helping Hillary Clinton.  Just check the Secret Service schedules of Bill Clinton and the A.G.  They met on a Phoenix airport tarmac, so remotely out of the way of Washington, D.C., for a reason.  If ever there was a need for a special counsel this is it.

This goes to show that the leftist, fake news mainstream news media are willing to go to lengths that destroy their and their industry’s reputation for being fair, honest and objective in their reporting.  The only way we would ever know what that meeting was about is if the parties involved were Republican, because there is no fairness, honesty or objectivity when it comes to the Left.

These people, all of them, from the Obama administration to the mainstream media, all of them, are as corrupt as it gets.

Read more at The Daily Caller.

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