26 States Ask Trump to Right the Wrongs of the Obama Administration

Liberals love to tell us how to live our lives, because they know better.  Just ask them.  They’ll tell you.

They have used that mantra for decades and got away with it for so many issues they figured they could use the same playbook for creating a socialist niche industry called global warming, er… I’m sorry.  They had to change the name to climate change when it became apparent that the globe is not warming.

When you listen to Democrats give campaign speeches, probably the only time you’ll even see them in your neighborhood, they invariably talk about how they want to create jobs for the working class of America.  Forget that government’s job isn’t to create jobs, but to foster an environment that allows the private sector to take care of that instead, we are always inundated with liberal politicians who tell us out of one side of their mouth they want to create “good-paying jobs”, and from the other side of their mouth they spout the need for environmental policies that they know will cost the taxpayers a sh*tload of money, and they try to convince us that they know better.  And they do.  Again, just ask them and they’ll tell you.

I am afraid that BS line is now a thing of the past.  After decades of wacko environmentalists screaming that the sky is falling and it’s all doom and gloom for us if Americans just didn’t stop having a great time, more and more Americans are realizing that none-and when I say none I mean not one single time-of their alarmist predictions has come true.

So, as the people wake up to the reality that the wackos always get their government funding for a government gravy train industry known as climate change, they also see that jobs are never created by the nincompoop policies the Left proposes.

In short, you can’t create high-paying jobs in abundance in the private sector when you create environmental policies that are nothing more than job crushing idiocy, and there are now twenty-six states that have come together to demand that President Trump help rid them of more of Obama’s over-the-top, Soviet-style regulations that have hurt their economies.

Ronald Reagan once said of when you get the government off the people’s back; “A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.”

The states are now asking Trump to allow their ordinary people to do extraordinary things in their energy sectors in order to take them off life support.


President Donald Trump has taken an ax to much of former President Barack Obama’s legacy, and 26 states are asking the president to eliminate another overreaching rule from the previous administration.

Twenty-six states and state agencies are asking the Environmental Protection Agency to repeal Obama’s global warming regulations that have been crippling power plants for years.

Leading the coalition, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has made it clear that the Clean Power Plan is nothing more than an “unlawful” overreach that violates the Clean Air Act.

“The Power Plan’s binding emission limits require States to shift electricity generation from coal-fired plants to natural gas-fired plants and renewable sources,” the group wrote in their letter to the EPA on Wednesday, as reported by The Western Journal.

The coalition argues that Obama’s overreach was not only costly, but it forbid states from choosing how to manage and operate their own energy plants.

“This federally imposed policy interferes with the States’ authority to manage the mix of energy generation within their own borders,” the statement added.

In October 2017, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt first proposed repealing the CPP, a move that unraveled another major self-proclaimed accomplishment from the Obama administration.

“We are committed to righting the wrongs of the Obama administration by cleaning the regulatory slate,” Pruitt said in October. “Any replacement rule will be done carefully, properly, and with humility, by listening to all those affected by the rule.”

By repealing the CPP, the EPA will save roughly $33 billion in compliance costs, freeing up funds that can be allocated to more important items.

Trump has dismantled much of Obama’s legacy already, and listening to these 26 states will further showcase his commitment to reducing federal government overreach and giving more power back to the states.


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