A Lesson On Immigration Via Disney World

You’re going to Disney World! You’ve purchased the family package.  You flew to Florida with your family, and now you’re standing in a long line waiting to get into the Magical Kingdom. You didn’t think the lines would be this long. You bought your tickets ahead of time, but then again, so did about a thousand other families who are standing in line with you right now.

But no matter, it’s going to be a day you and your kids will never forget!

All of a sudden you see a family with kids being escorted out of the park by Disney security forces.

A woman in line shouts, “Hey, what’s going on?”

“We caught this family after they snuck into the park,” one of the security guys replies.

“So, what, you’re just going to kick them out?”

“They didn’t pay to get in, so they gotta go,” another security guy says.

“What about the children? Can’t they stay?” asks a man in line.

“Look,” said the guard. “You need to pay to get in or you have to leave. It’s illegal to sneak in. It’s that simple.”

“But they’re just children. It’s not their fault that their parents snuck them in.”

“The parents are responsible, yes, but the kids go with the parents and the parents gotta go.”

“That just seems so mean,” said another woman in line. “You’re punishing the children for their parents actions. Why spoil their dreams?”

The security guards stand there shaking their heads wondering what’s wrong with these people.

The people in line start chanting “Let the dreamers in!  Let the dreamers in!  Let the dreamers in!”

Another guy steps up and shouts, “Hey, I did my part.  I paid for tickets for my kids.”  He points to the illegal family and says, “They should have to leave for sneaking in illegally, and if they want to get back in line and pay like the rest of us that’s fine.”

“Boo,” several others start to shout.

“Just let the kids in,” says another.

“So they should be rewarded because their parents broke the law?  That’s stupid.”

“What about all the other parents who went through the right way, legally?  What does it say to them when you just let someone in without paying and getting in line like the rest of us?”

“I once read that about 11 million people sneak into Disney every year…”

This is the same argument that is going on now about DACA, Dreamers and other illegal aliens vs people who come into the United States legally.  It’s not fair to the people who come in legally, and it’s not fair that the people here legally, natural born or via immigration, to have the burden of paying for illegals once they sneak into the country as if they owe them a living.

So, maybe you should explain it to your liberal pro amnesty friends using the Disney example.  Their sense of fairness might be awakened.

DISCLAIMER: Walt Disney World or any of their trademark had nothing to do with this piece.  They were used by the author as fair use just to illustrate a point on illegal immigration.

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