Donald Trump Read FBI Intelligence Memo and Will Release on Friday

President Trump, who took a mountain of abuse for over a year from Barack Obama and certain members of his administration, including certain members of the FBI and intelligence community, will release the memo that Democrats and their stenographers in the mainstream media have been viciously trying block, because it exposes one of the largest cases of government corruption in our nation’s history.

Between now and tomorrow when the memo is released you will be inundated by left wing gobbledygook designed to make you think there’s nothing to the information in the memo or that the release of the memo is a partisan attack on the FBI to take focus off of the fake, phony,  fraudulent Trump-Russia collusion investigation that after tomorrow will be outed as a Democrat plot to take down a legitimately elected president of the United States by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and many of their minions in the FBI and intelligence community.

The release of the memo is just the first step.  The next step is to get the documentation that backs up the information laid out in the memo.  It’s going to be another battle to get through all the obfuscation by the Democrats, but in the end it will be worth the effort, because we can not allow our government to go rogue like this in our Constitutional republic.


The White House has officially confirmed that President Donald Trump has read the House Intelligence Committee FISA abuse memo and plans to release it to the public on Friday.

The White House legal team analyzed the memo to ensure classified information or methods were revealed, and Trump determined he is comfortable with releasing it to the public so long as Congress approves it.

“The president is ok with it,” a top White House official told reporters Thursday. “I doubt there will be any redactions. It’s in Congress’ hands after that.”

Democrats are panicking over the memo being released because they are that the GOP memo could undermine government secret agencies who have been marred in numerous scandals for abuse of power.

On top of that, the memo details how the Democrats entire Russia collusion theory is groundless and baseless.

Reports suggest the memo will detail how the former President Barack Obama’s FBI and DOJ accepted a dossier from the left-wing Fusion GPS firm, which was compiled by former British intelligence spy Christopher Steele.

Both former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid nearly $10 million to the firm to fund efforts to elevate the hit piece.

The memo allegedly details how top brass at the FBI and DOJ then used the Clinton funded dossier to get a warrant under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to spy on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Obama’s administration elevated and legitimized the dossier to not only spy on Trump and launch the Russia investigation, but to subvert Trump’s entire presidency.

And it speaks volumes that Democrats, DOJ, and FBI officials have tried so hard to conceal this memo from getting out that many Americans believe will unveil explosive acts of corruption and abuse of power by Obama officials to harm a duly elected president.

The truth will finally be released on Friday, and it will show how far they went to derail Trump’s presidency.

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